Frequently asked questions about warranty, refunds and returns

Do you have questions about the length of the warranty of the gift that you ordered at KLM Wannagives? Or do you want to know more about returning an item and refunds on an item? We would be pleased to help you.


How long is the warranty on an ordered gift?
All items that you have purchased at KLM Wannagives have at least a 1 year warranty. This does not apply to foodstuffs. Manufacturers give a manufacturing warranty on their products. The duration and terms of the manufacturer’s warranty can be found in the item’s instructions for use. You and the person who received the surprise should keep the invoice and the receipt as proof of warranty. 


Can I or the person that received my gift return the item if he/she is not satisfied?
Yes, if – for any reason - your acquaintance is not satisfied with your gift, please inform us within 14 days after the payment that you wish to cancel the purchase by using this form. After receiving the confirmation of your cancellation, you can return the product within another 14 days.This is only possible if the gift is unused and the packaging is not opened. Return the item in the original, undamaged package, including a copy of the invoice. When offered the gift during the flight, your acquaintance may refuse it. Although this does not apply to offered seats with extra comfort.

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Do I have to pay the postal charges if I return something? 
Yes, the postal charges for returning an item are for your account.


How do I get my money back if I return my order?
After we have received the item and have checked it, we will reimburse the purchase price (exclusive of delivery charges) to your account within within 14 days. Please note that during the flight our cabin staff is unable to reimburse your acquaintance the amount paid.

Where should we return the gift to? 
Ordered items can be returned to:

KLM Inflight Services SPL/PI 
Shopping Service KLM Wannagives
P.O. Box 7700 
1117 ZL Schiphol-Airport 
The Netherlands

Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or send us an email  if you have any questions or comments about the items you are returning. 

What do we do if the gift is delivered incomplete?
If there are any items missing from the order, contact us immediately. We will check this and, if applicable, refund the invoiced amount of the relevant item.

My acquaintance has received a defective or broken item. What should we do? 
In case the gift is defective or broken upon receipt, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. We will consult with you or the person you offered the gift to find a suitable solution. If possible we will exchange the item immediately, or we will refund the purchase price as quickly as possible. 

Can I get a refund if my acquaintance is not on the flight for which I ordered the surprise?

In this case you’ll not have to pay. Therefore, a refund is not applicable. The moment you place an order that you want to be delivered onboard, your credit card payment is authorised. Only after we’ve checked if your acquaintance is actually on the plane the amount due will be deducted from your credit card.

Is it possible to receive a refund for an offered seat?

Standard KLM rules apply for a refund on extra paid options such as a seat with more comfort . Would you like to know more about the terms or request a refund?

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